Ring Size

Find out ring size for you and your friend :) 


The picture shows how to find out your finger circumference, Once you know that, you can find your ring size in the chart below. Be sure to measure the finger you’d like to wear the ring on!

If You may want to buy a ring as a surprise gift :) Don't worry ! Here is a suggestion :) Usually , the US size for a woman is from #5 - #8 , and for a man is from #8 - #12 You can estimate, because all my rings are made of high quality sterling silver, they are somewhat flexible. The ring size can easily adjust up or down for ONE size .For example , a size 7 ring can be adjusted to size 6 or 9 for your friend :) 

Note, I provide free re-size service for all of my rings as well . if you have any question about ring size , please feel free to let me know :) 
Ring size
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