Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mr. Mustache Silver Ring

mr. mustache silver ring.
smilingsilversmith , mr. mustache silver ring

make your steps a little different

led by architecture academic salmo al-batal

‘art wars‘ project is created by ben moore

take a quirky public nap

ostrich pillow light is a portable pillow for public napping


practicality and comfort come together
designer kawamura-ganjavian of studio banana things
support the project here

Marta sofa

yes, hat box bag

Quirky Stapler

quirky ‘Whale shaped stapler’ by israeli designer hagai zakai
BUY from designer

disposable tableware you don’t want to through away

Paper sculpture

larger-than-life paper busts by jose lerma + hector madera

josé lerma & héctor madera

josé lerma & héctor madera

josé lerma & héctor madera
image courtesy of andrea rosen gallery

Mind-bending interactive installations

BUILDING ( 2004 ) Leandro Erlich
by  Leandro Erlich

What a great look for chocolate .

 new ideas for the Brocca
Designed by architects and designers Monica Maggi, Pippo Marino and Giangi Caffio, 

Some chair can be uncomfortable


creative but maybe uncomfortable

Useful table cloth

for people will never leave their phone.

Play with Cotton

    • I always imagine that I can touch the cloud when I was young. And now, my dream comes true! But it is not enough, I want it to be accompanied by birds and the colorful rainbow.
    • Hmm…it really looks very old, but this is the first car that bought by my dad and I love it so much.
    • Haha…ice-cream. Not have to descibe so much, I believe everyone likes it, right?
    • Look at the coffee smoke, what would you think of?
    • Water drop from water tap, just for fun.
by Malaysian artist  Tang Chiew Ling.
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