Saturday, January 5, 2013

Marathon Running shoes silver ring

This Marathon Running Shoes ring is one of them.
This ring inspired by a mother with two daughters are both marathon runner.
If you have a loved one who likes running, I think this can be one of the great gift idea :)
BUY from

Magnet Clock on fridge

A clock with many custom magnets illustrated for use on the fridge.
but , will the magnet effect the clock ?
Design by DesignPlus

Brush and Table = Brush table

Table ands stools made from industrial brushDesigned By Jason Taylor.

lassic necktie reinvented

zip tie
zip tie
zip tie
zip tie
The classic necktie reinvented. Zip for work, unzip for fun.
BUY from Designer Josh Jakus

game revolution

T shirt design
Gaming Revolution T-shirt design !!

No more wasted still-hungry regrets

spaghetti measure
With this spaghetti measure, No more wasted pasta or still-hungry regrets
BUY form A+R store

Geekers' Clock Clock

clock clock
Six clocks make up a numb, 24 clocks create one giant digital watch. choreography takes place between the minutes.
it’s called “The Clock Clock”
Design by Humans since 1982

knife block expands

By adding additional units, the knife block expands to accommodate more knives.  Each unit is inset with rare earth magnets, which allow the pieces to lock securely into place.
Design by John Quan

MY 2013 Illustrated Calendar

2013 calender
it’s totally my style :)
BUY from designer Indigo Bunting

Picture share of Doctor Who TARDIS Silver Ring

doctor who Tardis ring
doctor who tardis ring
The first picture is taken by one of my brilliant customer Nicole, Who bought this Doctor Who TARDIS ring for girlfriend Sharon.  Both of them love it and took this fabulous photo to share … I am thrilled .
Of Cause Tenth Doctor is here in shop as well :)
BUY from designer smiling-silversmith

Your City Combs

cityscape combs
cool design from ” out of office”

Adorable beach cover

 adorable beach cover
isn’t it adorable and make-able ? We should all have this swimwear :)

Cheers 2013

happy 2013
Cheers !!! for the new year 2013 ;)
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kitchen wrench made for man

It can be handy for you salad :) Design by Atypyk
BUY from designer atypyk

GIRAFFE hot water boiler

Made of enamel on steel
BUY form whatonearthcatalog

Batman keep Your data is safe

Batman flash drivebatman Usb
no fear with your digital data safely stored on your Dark Knight Batman
BUY from MIMOBOT® Designer

You want to live this HouseBoat

boat house
If I have a Sustainable Modern HouseBoat like this , I can live on it.

Swiss Army special editon

This Special Edition Men’s Fragrance whose main ingredients were found originally in Switzerland, was inspired by the makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife.
BUY from victorinox

LEGO at train bridge


LEGO bridge in Germany.
From artist MEGX painted over a train overpass.

2013 Happy everyone !!!

new year

Are you looking forward to 2013 ????
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