Sunday, July 29, 2012

wood can build many things, include this watch .

wooden watch
tow times , wooden watch .
BUY from we-wood

Hard candy belt

candy belt
You can even chose your own belt and buckle and tongue color :)
Price TBC
from Tie-ups

Is it a plate? No, it’s a carpet!!

china carpet china carpet
Have as much fun with the floor as you can with the walls.
impress your guests. room! Design by Marcel Wanders
US $1,280.80
BUY from Questodesign

clip it with you :)

USB wooden clamp
It combines both tradition and modernity .
not for sale yet.
design by bartosz mucha


As well as its utterly idiotic swashbuckling qualities, the BBQ Sword is a pretty nifty cooking implement.
Fun gift to give :)
BUY from firebox

DIY your Beak Mask

mask DIY
Unable to find a suitable template for a party costume, what about document my own.
From JOS

DIY your simple mailer envelop :)

DIY mailer envelope
DIY envelop
From Jos

It’s a cardboard furniture.

cardboard chair
cardboard chair
95 x 147 x 65mm
Designed by Frank O. Gehry
BUY from designmuseumshop

Keep safe and tidy

double desk
A lockable desk that you can shut at the end of your working day.
Designed by Iiro Viljanen

“sTEAmpunk” Tea Pot

steampunk tea pot
Amazing hand-made “sTEAmpunk” Tea Pot.

Guess what is this business card about?

Business card
business card for ” Paint Services. “

Fun for cats! :)

cat play house
cat house
cat house
folded cardboard – flat packed
Fun for cats! PLEASE NOTE – cats may need your help to build the models …
BUY form

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Football & Custom Number Ring – Handmade silver ring

Football & Custom Number Ring - Handmade silver ring

Football & Custom Number Ring – Handmade silver ring
Are you ready for some football?! Which player do you support ?
Here is the Football & Number Ring for you to Cheer for.
Number can be custom of cause .
Please feel free to contact me with your favorite Number.

BUY from Designer 

build your schedule any way you want.

it’s got the added bonus of letting you play with puzzle tiles while on the job.
Puzzle Calendar (not affiliated with LEGO).
BUY from ThinkGeek

Don’t you like to have this romantic door handle ?

love handle
Love opens doors.
Designed by Dino Cicchetti

Can you do this with your clothespins?

clothespin lamp
Clothespin lamp.
Designed by Mesila studio

Thursday, July 19, 2012

NY matches

new york matches
Design by Tobias Wong

Geeker here is your waffle!

typewriter waffle
typewriter waffle maker
Design by Chris Dimino.

Pretty in night!

birds candle
Oil lamp shadow, Design by Adam Frank
BUY form designer

leather bag

fashion bag
from Argentina designer: Guadalupe Martiarena
$406 ARS
BUY from peweb

Which one is your favorite ;)

poker toilate
It’s hilarious.

Roll bags

I like how it rolls and sealed. Elegant !
designed by Marti Guixe
BUY from interiordesignby

Any one wants to wear this ?

plaster bandage boot
Medical inspired shoes, I am amazed.
Design by gwendolyn huskens

Keep on top of your reading

reading chair
Image you are siting on it :)
Elevated chair design by Dotdotdot

Touch your DACHSHUND – lamp

dachshund lamp
To operate it you should touch the dog, and the light will be so turned on or off by a sensor that can be found on the muzzle.
“Want and Needs” has designed this interesting project.

I say it can be another cat house :P

House Boxes
design by Muji

Who want wear this !

Dress made from traditional chinese ceramics.
Design by li xiaofeng

Not only a cat lover, but also with taste of style

Cat’s in Style
Price: US$329.00
BUY from Designer: Marly Gommans

match-inspired chair

match-inspired chair.
by Anna Kraitz
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