Monday, April 9, 2012

The @ At Sign Ring - Handmade Silver Ring


The @ At Sign Ring - Handmade Silver Ring 

How often do we use this @ at sign? Every day? I guess so :) 
This @ at sign is defiantly one of the universal symbol for online communication. Now I have it joined my "International Language" collection. 
Hope you like it.
I have made a series of character & sign rings, for example @# hash sign $ dollar sign. You can find them all in my silver ring shop.
If you like to have your own "Character & Sign Ring" designs. You can make a custom order as well. Please contact me at my email. I would love to hear your brilliant ideas. 
This @ at Sign Ring is made of Pure sterling, not just silver plated.
THIS SILVER RING IS MADE TO ORDER: When placing your order please indicate your ring size. 
If it's a surprise for your friend, usually US size for a woman is from #5 - #8, for a man is from #8 - #12
Please allow 12-15 business days for your piece to be created before it is shipped. 
Shipping : USPS First-Class with Delivery Confirmation
For more items, please see 
This @ at sign is made for all the geeks and internet users.
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