Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Watch out!

I’ve seen many things made with dollar bills, this one is the most breathtaking!
Designed by Jota castro

Gourmet Plate for Fusion

Fusion food need Gourmet Plate.
Design by Jean-marc gady

Salt and pepper shaker in nature :)

Each of these stones is made of porcelain, each having a different feel: smooth for the salt, rugged for the pepper.
Taiwan Dollar $650
BUY from designer TOAST TO LIFE!

Useless but cute

Mini USB construction site, designed by Wiz Co.
Wiz says the main target group consists of male students aged 15 and up and stressed out salary men.
Sold Out

Multitask Key

Perfect gift for him, just don’t know where to buy.
Multitask Key Designed by Sebastian Frith

Colorful music book for play :)

New way to play :) not too much for colorblind thought :P
It’s called Aleatory Compositions.

It’s Possible!

Everything is possible ;)
From swiss BrainStore

Mr. Armstrong

Design by John Caswell

Glass domes for precious cookies :)

Those blown glass domes make the cookies looks like precious jewels.
By Fabrica’s designers

Break every window he passed.

Artist Olaf Mooij build a car with the sound system on the outside.
DJ on the Go.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Christmas Decoration for Army

Army use Camouflage Christmas Decoration.

Tree Hugger – Outdoor Gear

Summer is here. Let’s go camping
by Stefani Santilli

Add some color on your wall.

I am a sucker for Clocks.
Diamantini and Domeniconi clocks are featured in all the top European home decor and modern lifestyle magazines.
BUY form fitzsu

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hobby horse – Broom

Mom, if I have this, I would clean floor for you everyday !

Multi-fun USB

This lighter is built-in a 8GB flash drive with a retractable USB connection that slides out of the bottom. Gift for him :)
BUY from Thinkgeek

Pixel Fabric

Made for grab everyone’s attention - by Kvadrat

Unbalanced balance

Unbalanced balance Chair. not sure if it’s for sitting .
by emmanuelle moureaux

Monday, April 16, 2012

It’s all about the materials!

“Timber” Table – not for sitting on, design by Gus Modern.
BUY From bobbyberkhome

Wall paper for Art Baby~~

Colour-In Wallpaper by John Burgerman. Gift Ideas for home.
BUY From Designer

Drink Tap Water.

Designed for encourage people to drink plain tap water rather than over priced, over packaged bottled water.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Heroic T-shirt

Shoot your way out! But be quick, you’ve got a target on your chest…
BUY from designer Game Puased

Elegant and approachable

Wooden frame embrace a  sweeping white tub,  Luxury~~~~ from Italy.
by Gruppo Treesse

I am not a paper bag :)

Handmade by Natalie Thakur
BUY from designer

Friday, April 13, 2012

Naughty Happy Face Ring, Handmade Silver Ring

 !P Wink Smile Happy Face Ring

"Hope this wink smile happy face ring can make you and your loved ones smile ;)
All my silver rings are made of Pure sterling silver, not just silver plated. 
Wink smile happy face ring is one of my "" international language""emoticon rings. I have made several other rings with emoticon and signs which we used especially frequently on computer, for example =) <3 :P ;) ? ! 
If you like to have your own emoticon silver ring design, I can take custom ring order, as well. I Would love to hear brilliant ideas from you. For custom ring, please contact me.

 If you like to see more of Handmade Fun Emoticon sterling silver Rings, please check my full store:www.Smiling-SilverSmith.com
My Goal is design Fun & Happy silver rings and jewelry, and hope this wink smile happy face emoticon ring can make you and your loved ones Smile.

BUY from designer


Perhaps not many people use CD now, but this is a cool CD HOLDER.
By Marián Laššák

Celebrities in caricatures

Do you know who are they ?
by Pablo Lobato


It’s quarter past or half past …Anyway it’s “AROUND” CLOCK – by Anthony Dickens
29.00 €
BUY from Singulier


What is this? Handmade STROKETABLE
BUY from designer Hannes Grebin

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Old book bricks

So many books you want to possess but don’t have time to read it? This is the way to keep them :)
Brilliant work of Daryl Fitzgerald

Piggy Bank Necklace - Handmade Sterling Silver Necklace

Image of Piggy Bank Necklace - Handmade Silver Necklace
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Piggy Bank Necklace

Did you have a Piggy bank when you were a kid? I did, a long time ago. ;) 
I was planning to make it a ring; turns out, my piggy bank wanted to be a necklace set! :)
I hope this piggy bank silver necklace can make you smile when you see it ! 
This is my first silver necklace in my little jewelry shop. I will definitely bring more fun necklace designs in the future. :)
If you like to see more of Handmade Fun sterling silver Rings and necklace, please check my full store:www.Smiling-SilverSmith.com

BUY form designer: www.Smiling-SilverSmith.com
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