Sunday, March 25, 2012

xoxo Ring - Iconic Ring - Adjustable Ring

Image of xoxo Ring, Hugs and Kisses - Handmade Silver Ring
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xoxo Ring

Do you say xoxo often on your emails ? My sister does it all the time :) X=kisses (like lips pursing) and o=hugs (like circling your arms around someone)! 
Hope it can make you smile when you see it ! xoxo
This xoxo sterling silver ring is made of Pure sterling silver, not just silver plated. 

For custom ring order, please contact me !
If you like to see more of Handmade Fun sterling silver Rings, please check my full
My Goal is design Unique and Fun sterling silver ring and jewelry. Hope this xoxo Ring can make you and your loved ones Smile. xoxo

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