Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Face =) Emoticon Ring - Handmade Sterling Silver


This Happy Face Ring is one of my most popular emoticon rings. 
How often do we use the computer and phone to communicate? How often do we use this =) happy face emoticon? All the time. It’s become a cultural icon. 
Hope it can make you smile when you see it. =)
This Happy face sterling silver ring is made of pure sterling silver, not just silver plated. 
For custom rings please contact me

If you like to see more of Handmade Fun Emoticon sterling silver rings, please check my full
I try to keep a Fun and Unique theme for my silver rings and jewelry. Hope this happy face emoticon ring can make you and your loved ones =) SMILE "


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  1. If you have any question . please feel free to contact me


If you have any question please contact me

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