Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mr. Mustache with Fedora 'Stache Hat Ring, Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring


Mr. Mustache with Fedora 'Stache Hat Ring

A man with a mustache is never alone :P 
Mr. Mustache ring is one of my best sellers. 
Now Mr. Mustache got a new look :) 
Mr. Mustache with Fedora 'Stache Ring ~~ How do you like it ? Mustache + Fedora Hat = Classic :) 
Hope this sterling silver ring can make you smile :)

Want to have a look the original Mr. Mustache ring and Mr. Mustache with Ray-Ban Sunglasses ring and more of Handmade Mustache sterling silver Rings? Please check my full
Making a series of extraordinary Mr.Mustache silver ring is one of my goals :)"

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  1. This one is basically looking one of the incredible featured ring for me. As the Fedora hat ring is really looking awesome and most impressive featured stuff for me. Thanks for sharing.


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