Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cup of Tea Ring , Adjustable sterling silver Ring - gift for her

Cup of Tea Ring

My husband love coffee, I love tea. So here we are. coffee cup ring and cup of tea ring ;) 
But the cut of the tea bag is totally his idea! I love it! Hope it's your cup of tea too :P
Hope this little tea cup silver ring can make you smile when you see it :)
ALL my silver rings are made of Pure sterling silver ring , not just silver plated.

If you like the Coffee Cup ring and the Love Mug Cup ring or more of Handmade Fun sterling silver Rings, please check my full store:www.Smiling-SilverSmith.com
My Goal is to make silver rings and jewelry FUN. Hope this Tea Cup ring can make you and your loved ones Smile. 
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  1. I love the ring and its unique design, but 59 dollars for a ring. Its too expensive I dont think many people will buy it at that rate. Make the price more reasonable.

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